KfW concludes successful funding year 2012

Frankfurt (ots) -

– Strong global demand for liquid benchmark bonds in EUR and USD
– Access to long-term funding and extension of currency range
– 2013: EUR 70-75 billion to be raised

To fund its promotional business KfW issued bonds via more than 200 individual transactions in 15 different currencies (as of 30 November 2012), raising approximately EUR 78.4 billion in the international capital markets.

“We pursue a consistent, globally-oriented and strategic funding policy complemented by the guarantee of the Federal Republic of Germany for all our bond issues. This combination allows us to fund at competitive rates even in a difficult market environment, which has significant beneficial consequences for KfW’s promotional lending activity,” explained Dr Günther Bräunig, member of the Executive Board of KfW Bankengruppe in charge of capital markets, on the occasion of the promotional bank’s capital market press conference in Frankfurt.

This year international investors again showed their preference for liquid bonds. KfW’s offer of altogether 12 high-volume benchmark bonds in EUR and USD thus met with strong global demand. With a total volume in the equivalent of around EUR 46 billion, this premium product of KfW attained a share of about 59% of total funding. KfW is the only issuer in this market segment that was able this year to offer the complete maturity range up to 10 years in EUR and USD.

Bonds in EUR and USD accounted for a share of about 81% (approx. 49% EUR, approx. 32% USD), again building the basis for funding in 2012. Other currencies accounted for about 19% or the equivalent of nearly EUR 15 billion in funding; in particular demand were bonds in GBP (equivalent of about EUR 5.2 billion), AUD (about EUR 4.2 billion), JPY (about EUR 1.4 billion) and SEK (about EUR 800 million). “The range of currencies that we offer helps diversify our funding while also expanding our product range and therefore our investor base,” explained Bräunig. A highlight of these diversification efforts was the issuance of KfW’s first bond in Chinese renminbi in Hong Kong. This ‘Dim Sum bond” enabled KfW to expand its product range in a promising market segment.

International demand for KfW bonds continues to rise:

– Compared to last year, Asian investors purchased almost twice as
many Euro Benchmarks.
– On average, 46% of USD bonds – in individual transactions even
nearly 80% – were placed with central banks.
– Bank treasuries, looking for low-risk liquid securities, have
been gained as long-term KfW investors.

These figures http://www.kfw.de/KangaNews_awards.


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